Management Software for Builders Developers

If you are a builder or contractor, maintaining and monitoring day to day activities like material purchasing, stocks in the site, work progress, salary for engineers, etc are not easily possible. Considering all these we have developed a unique solution for Builders or Contractors to monitor all the activities in one place where ever you are through your computer or mobile.

GD’s Contra Soft developed with the support of professional builders advice and instruction taken into account. And the final application delivers all the futures that every Builder or Contractor needs.

contra soft, builders management software Kerala

Features of GD’s Contra Soft

  1. Real-time report of Stocks in site with quantity.
  2. Monitor available cash balance in site
  3. Monitor day to day purchase for sites
  4. Employees salary and advance payment monitoring
  5. Vehicle Loading and unloading tracking
  6. Real-time bank accounts updates and tracking facility.
  7. Analysis of Sites profit and loss statements with split up
  8. Labour monitoring for sites
  9. One click report for all sites update status.
  10. User-friendly software and can monitor everywhere with net connectivity.

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